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Goals, and Prizes, and Titles…Oh My! (Step 4)

by Jason Sanders on December 7, 2009 · 1 comment

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Measured Impact is a contest that organizes labor for charity and also measures the strength (loyalty) of the contestants’ social media connections and relationships.  Now for all the fun stuff about the contest:

Our Goals:

It would be great to get a commitment from at least 10 contestants for the Measured Impact contest.  If we got less than 10 or significantly more than 10 I might have to adjust the other goals of the contest accordingly.

When I first visualized this contest, I had a very ambitious goal in mind, but after receiving some valuable feedback, we’re going to keep the goal easily attainable (we can always go higher in coming years).  If you’ve been following the idea up until this point, you may be wondering how we’re going to quantify our results, since we’re actually raising labor as opposed to money.  After giving this a considerable amount of thought, it became obvious that most people would relate to the project more if the results were conveyed in monitary terms.  It’s pretty easy to do that with a simple conversion, but the question remains: “How much is labor worth?”

In the absence of a better model, I decided to price the working hours of our volunteers at minimum wage.  Please don’t take this as an insult.  I know that many people will perform tasks that are worth much more than $7.50 per hour, but we’re just using that figure to quantify our results and give a unified measurement of the time that will be invested by the volunteers.  Using this measurement, the goal for this year is 10,000 hours, or $75,000.00 worth of labor.

The Prizes:

With this first incarnation of Measured Impact, the budget is literally shoe string.  The ultimate goal is to really enable a worthy charity to make an impact on their chosen cause.  Unless a sponsor would like to back the project to offer a nice cash prize or some other item(s), what we’re left with is bragging rights…which brings me to The Titles….

The Titles:

1. The winner of the contest (The person who’s audience/friends/followers contribute the largest percentage to our goal of 10,000 hours of labor) will be named:

The Most Influential Person (or Brand) On Twitter

Contestants must have a twitter account and a significant following on twitter.  You don’t have to be in the Twitter Top 100, though we would love to have some of those people!

There are no rules as to how you want to engage your social media contacts/followers/friends.  Ultimately the winner will be the person who does it the best.  I’m excited to see how they will do it!

2. It was also suggested to me that we measure ReTweets (RT’s).  We will do that around the hashtag #MeasImp.  The person who can generate the most RT’s containing the hashtag #MeasImp will be named:

The Most ReTweeted Person (or Brand) On Twitter*

*For Charity

This post pretty much wraps up the structure of the contest as I’ve envisioned it.  Now it’s time for me to go out and start talking to potential contestants and charities to drum up support for the project.  Those conversations might lead to some revisions here and there.  I’ll definitely keep you updated on my progress.  I’d also love any feedback that you have to share.  Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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