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The Lingering Loyalty Question And Determining Influence (Step 2)

by Jason Sanders on December 2, 2009 · 3 comments

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Measured Impact is a contest that organizes labor for charity and also measures the strength (loyalty) of the contestants’ social media connections/relationships.  Here’s how:

When we all build our own “network” or “tribe” (or whatever hot word you want to use) our networks are actually cross-connected to a certain extent.  This makes me wonder, who are all of these people actually paying attention to?  For instance, I follow 20,000 people on twitter.  It’s literally impossible to read every tweet, or even remember any details about a decent percentage of people that I’m connected with.  The reality is that I only pay attention to a handful of people.  And by pay attention, I mean I actually go to their twitter profile and read their tweets periodically throughout the day (there’s no way that I would be able to pick them out of my twitter stream).  These handful of people actually represents my relationship loyalty on twitter.  Part of what Measured Impact is all about is measuring relationship loyalty on a larger scale.

To illustrate this idea further, let me give you an imaginary example. Imagine that I’m new to twitter, so the first thing I do is go find some people to follow.  For the sake of this example, lets say I decide to follow the top 10 people (with the most followers) on twitter because I happen to be a fan/like them/respect them, etc. So now I’m following: @aplusk, @britneyspears, @TheEllenShow, @cnnbrk, @BarackObama, @Oprah, @twitter, @johncmayer, @RyanSeacrest, and @KimKardashian. Now, lets also say for this imaginary example that all of the above people decide that they want to be participants in the Measured Impact Contest.  Pretty soon they’re all going to be reaching out to their followers to encourage them to volunteer for ________ charity. Assuming I like all the above people and already want to do what they’re telling me to do (volunteer) and I had to choose the person that I’m volunteering under, then I’m actually voting for the relationship that I value the most.  When you decide to volunteer time to a charity under the Measured Impact initiative, you will have to register that time under a contestant.  This will be your effective “vote” for the person that you have the strongest relationship with out of the pool of contestants.

By choosing my favorite contestant and volunteering under their name, the Measured Impact initiative allows me to make a difference by giving my time and energy to a worthy cause instead of money.  The winner is the contestant whose following registers the most hours of service during the volunteer period until the ultimate goal of the contest is met. (The prize will be laid out in an upcoming post.)  How will we choose the charity that we’re going to partner with? Check out the next post (Step 3).

I appreciate any input you have to offer and don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comment section.

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