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Introducing Measured Impact

by Jason Sanders on November 30, 2009 · 2 comments

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kennedyI was going to say it all started with a conversation, but that’s not totally true.  There are a lot of events and conversations, thoughts and reflections that have made this moment possible.  Yes, this moment is being brought to you by my family’s crisis that left me with a profound appreciation for charity and a desire to give back.  This moment is being brought to you by a revolution in communication. This moment is being brought to you by the rebirth of the internet and a new found social consciousness. But mostly this moment is sponsored by lots and lots of questions.

Questions like: If these social media “gifts” can be called tools, what is their twitter-128x128best function? Does the amount of social media connections a person has really indicate anything important? If connections between people are potentially limitless, what is the value of a connection? In the value discussion, does quality really trump quantity? In a sphere of infinite competition for attention, how do you measure loyalty? And can all of these connections and all of this conversation be transferred to anything meaningful offline?

facebook-128x128Measured Impact is my social media experiment and my attempt at answering these questions.  My goal is to create a contest to measure your influence in social media in a way that will transcend the number of followers, friends, or connections that you may have, while making a positive impact.  Sound like a cool idea?

I’m taking a scientific approach. No, I’m not an actual scientist, but I do know that an experiment wordpress-128x128needs a proper control. From what I’ve seen from other attempts to answer this question, the wrong control was used. I need to minimizes the advantage of celebrity in order to have as accurate results as possible.  Let’s face it, celebrities have more money and more friends with money than us average people. So, I want to make a measurable difference in the world, but I need to do it without money being the currency….  Don’t worry, it sounds harder to do this than it actually is.  I think I have it figured out.

Check back soon for an update.

Until then, check out our about page to get more information.

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